Goal Shame No More

Have you ever shied away from telling someone a goal, dream or passion of yours? Almost as though you feel ashamed by your own ambition? I have.

I have been quiet and shy about my blog because I did not want to seem as though I am selfish or simply into self-promotion. I have tentatively mentioned interest in faculty development from the aspects of both personal and professional growth, yet this is what I am absolutely passionate about. It makes me excited every single day. So much so, that amidst this silence, I have been working on writing a book. With a coach. But, I didn't want to broadcast that. 

Why? Why am hiding behind my own passions as though I am ashamed? Why do I not tell everyone about the things I am pursuing that I am so excited about?

Insight came through the simplest of forms. My daily drive podcast. 

I love listening to podcasts on my drive to and from work. Sometimes they are regarding medicine, sometimes they are leadership and personal development, sometimes it is just fun. 

Not all podcasts will result in significant impact, but one from Brooke Castillo's "The Life Coach School" podcast really hit home for me. The topic - Goal Shaming. 

Goal shaming is not a concept I had heard before, and I do believe Brooke Castillo may have coined it for this podcast. The premise is what I described above. Minimizing, or not verbalizing, your dreams and passions due to how others may interpret it. 

What if they think its crazy? What if someone says I am not good enough to do this? What if they laugh? What if I disappoint someone? What if it seems I am ungrateful for the career, achievements, life and family I already have?

What if? What if? What if?

Do I really want to not chase a dream based on someone else's possible reaction? Do I want to place limits on myself and allow myself to feel ashamed for wanting to shift, evolve, write more? 

I have ruminated on this over the last month. Chasing these dreams inspires me. I am a better doctor for my patients, colleague and collaborator. I am a better wife, mother and friend. I am better when I am free from these thoughts, these perpetual what if's?

Not all of you will have ever felt this way, and that is ok. But, if my words resonate with you the way the podcast did for me, hear me now. It is time to be proud and lean into those dreams. Does this make you uncomfortable or just a little afraid? Good! Me too. 

Lean in, step out. 

Change comes at the edge of our comfort zones. I promise, things are better once you step out there.