May Your Bucket Be As Full As Your Basket

It can be easy to feel that our buckets get constantly emptied by the demands of life. At times, it can be hard find the time and space to refill that bucket - wouldn't it be so nice if we could refill our own buckets, as easily as we can fill basket full of chocolate & jellybeans? 

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Cheers to Burr Holes and Women Physicians

Today is National Women Physicians Day. It is a day that is full of inspiring stories of the trailblazing women who are the reason I was able to attend medical school, the women who demonstrated bravery and courage to raise their hand, be heard and make many of the discoveries that have laid the foundation for medicine as we know it today. 

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2018 - What Will I Be Reading Next

My 2018 reading list is starting with this book I received for Christmas! 

Present over perfect. Perfect is the enemy of happiness, success and productivity because it is an unattainable goal. I am SO ready to let go of perfection, who is with me?


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Who Is the Author of YOUR Story?

Reading a book has a way of changing us, of altering our thoughts, actions and ultimately, lives. Genre does not matter in this regard - fairytales and fables taught many of us valuable lessons to live by, and this fictional story is not different. It made me pause and ask "Who is the author of my story?"

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Yes, today is a day that is too often focused on food, football and shopping. And yes, while I may love the occasional piece of pumpkin pie and enjoying a fabulous meal with family, I also can easily forget the roots of this holiday. 

Thankfulness for the life we are given. 

Today,  I challenge you to take a moment to reflect. To think back on the intent - a day to give thanks for a harvest. A harvest to sustain families through a harsh winter. A true time of celebration and gratitude for the ability to continue on living life. Living in the good and the bad, the up and downs. The joy and the sorrow. 

Do not take today for granted, because wherever you are in life, you are more blessed in many ways than someone else. Reflect on the original celebration - it was not one of bounty or overindulgence, but one of survival. Gratitude and thankfulness for the possibility to continue on in this crazy, beautiful life. 

Thanksgiving. Give thanks. Truly, give thanks to someone today. I promise you, a genuine expression of gratitude for even a small act of kindness can change the course of a life. 

Much love to you all - and THANK YOU. Thank you for reading this, for supporting me and for all you do to lift others up.