May Your Bucket Be As Full As Your Basket

I am writing late in the day, as the day is winding down and everyone is starting to think of bedtimes and planning for the rest of the week. For many, today is a day of celebration with family and friends, baskets full of treats, easter egg hunts and bunnies. 

Today, I worked in the ICU today, caring for those on life support, discussing life and death. Truly, a day that has so many parallels to Easter. 

I was blessed to also enjoy some very relaxed family time with my husband and children, and now am relaxing in our new living room, enjoying the evening view of the water and typing. I have work yet to do tonight, but as I was thinking about all of the traditions around Easter, I thought of how blessed I am. 

As a physician and mother, it can be easy to feel that our buckets get constantly emptied by the demands of life. At times, it can be hard find the time and space to refill that bucket. We cannot give endlessly to others if our bucket is dry. 

As I watched my children go through their Easter baskets I couldn't help but think - wouldn't it be so nice if we could refill our own buckets, as easily as we can fill basket full of chocolate & jellybeans? 

Find the time to recharge, feed your soul, refill your bucket in whatever way works best for you. 

Tonight, I hope your bucket is as full as your basket. 

Happy Easter!