Goal Shame No More

Have you ever shied away from telling someone a goal, dream or passion of yours? Almost as though you feel ashamed by your own ambition? I have.

No longer. It is time to be proud and lean into those dreams. Does this make you uncomfortable or just a little afraid? Good!

Change comes at the edge of our comfort zones.

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Do What Is Hard

Great joy, excitement and satisfaction in life do not come from easily accomplished tasks. They come from doing what is hard to achieve a goal. That is the glory of climbing the mountain, the view from the top is tremendously more beautiful because of the work it took to get there.

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May Your Bucket Be As Full As Your Basket

It can be easy to feel that our buckets get constantly emptied by the demands of life. At times, it can be hard find the time and space to refill that bucket - wouldn't it be so nice if we could refill our own buckets, as easily as we can fill basket full of chocolate & jellybeans? 

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